Feb. 12th, 2007

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I’m willing to believe that Iranian munitions are finding their way into the hands of insurgents in Iraq. It’s entirely plausible. I’m even willing to believe that the Iranian government might be deliberately arming Iraqi insurgents. Despite that, I think expanding the war into Iran would be an even bigger disaster than it is in Iraq.

But look, Telegraph, if you’re going to run an article about allegedly Iranian munitions found in Iraq, well, first it would help if the anonymous American “senior defense department officials” making this claim were actually personally stand by their claims. Second, you might want to accompany the article with a photo of an actual Iranian mortar round, and not one from Pakistan. Here’s a hint: Iranian munitions are labeled in Farsi, complete with Farsi numerals.

Same for you, Washington Post, and you, LA Times.

Update: Don’t take this one to the bank. Turns out that maybe some Iranian munitions manufacturers do use western writing on their bombs. (That’s from a .IR domain, so it probably really is Iranian, though note that in the image the text is in a different font and different location on the mortar than in the US-released photo. Also, the Iranian image has obviously been Photoshopped.)

The anonymous American “explosives expert” said that the mortar’s tail fin was distinctively Iranian. Said tail fin is not visible in the released photos.

Also, General Peter Pace, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said he was not aware of the briefing, and is not standing by the claim that the Iranian government is supplying Iraqis with weapons.

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So Spider-man kills Mary Jane by fucking her to death with his radioactive jizm! Seriously, that’s a plot point in issue #3 of Spider-Man: Reign. Set 35 years in the future, a sort of Spider-Mannish rip-off of Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, so it’s not in mainstream continuity, but still. I guess they figure Warren Ellis sells well, let’s all try that gonzo shit.

No, no spoiler warning. Do you worry that a loaf of moldy bread or a carton of rancid milk will spoil? No, you don’t, because they’re already damn spoiled.

This is why I don’t read superhero comics. Much.

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