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Y’know those Inktense pencils I was talking about the other day? Derwent has expanded the line to 72 colors. Actually 70 colors, since one of them is the outliner, and another is Antique White which is pretty much useless. You can order them from Dick Blick, and the Dick Blick store on Bond Street carries the individual pencils. I picked up Golden Yellow and Carmine Pink to swap out for Antique White and the outliner in my 24-set.

Places that did not have the full range include: DaVinci Art Supply on 23rd St, AI Friedman on 18th St, Utrecht Art Supply on Fourth Ave, and New York Central Art Supply on Third Ave.

While checking NY Central, I discovered that Faber-Castell now makes a “superfine” (or “XS”) black Pitt marker.

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I just looked up the Public Theater’s website to see which Shakespeare play they’ll be putting on for free in Central park this year. It’s Henry V, and I just love their synopsis:

In HENRY V, Shakespeare’s epic history play, the clarion call of patriotism is set against the uncompromising harshness of war. A young King, upon the urging of his advisors, aims to redeem his misspent youth, divert attention from domestic affairs and silence doubts over his ascent to the throne by invading France. His transformation from inexperienced monarch to military hero poses the question, does a rise to power demand a fall from humanity?

I haven’t read the play since high school (if then); I should probably check an annotated copy out of the library.

In other news, I’ve tested the various brands of aquarelle graphite pencils I picked up on Tuesday. Looks like Koh-I-Noor is the clear winner; the graphite just dissolves more smoothly than the other brands. Cretacolor is the worst of the three, which is a shame, since their pencils are actually the best designed (painted different shades for the different darknesses, so I can tell them apart at a glance).

I know, I should shut up and just draw.

Update: Ack! LJ cut short my over-long title! Here’s the whole thing, arranged more formally:

In peace there’s nothing so becomes a man
As hefty tax cuts and humility;
But when the blast of war blows in our ears,
Then imitate the action of the hawk...

Maybe I should have gone with “I fell into a burning muse of fire”.

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